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Starz Diner
Starz American Diner Dine with the Starz

A Margharita with Monroe? A Burger with Brando? Dinner with De Niro?

Welcome to STARZ Contemporary American Diner, Bournemouth's premier Diner Restaurant and Bar, right in the heart of busy, cosmopolitan Charminster.

With a strong movie theme throughout, an irresistable menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner and a friendly, comfortable bar serving beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, STARZ DINER is a great place to eat and drink with friends or as a couple.

For a night amongst the stars, make sure you visit STARZ AMERICAN DINER.

SUNDAY - THURSDAY 08:00 - 17:00

Marylin Munroe
Beer · Cider · Wine · Spirits · Cocktails
Eat with the Stars
To book, please call STARZ DINER on 01202 524499 or email bookings@starzdiner.co.uk.
American Diner
STARZ DINER | 110 Charminster Road | Charminster | Bournemouth BH8 8UT | 01202 524499 | bookings@starzdiner.co.uk